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Life Auditor’s Mentorship Program [LAMP] For Working Professionals
For ambitious young professionals seeking to unlock their full potential and propel their careers to unprecedented heights
A Stanford University executive coaching survey found that 80% of CEOs received some form of mentorship. Hence, mentorship helps in staying ahead in the career.

Ambitious young professionals seeking to navigate their career paths with purpose and precision, look no further – welcome to the Life Auditor’s Mentorship Programme (LAMP). Crafted by India’s First Life Auditor, CA Surendra Tiwari, LAMP is a strategic catalyst designed explicitly for individuals eager to unlock their full potential and propel their careers to unprecedented heights. 

Tailored to address common challenges faced by emerging professionals, this mentorship journey offers a guided odyssey toward self-discovery, efficient goal setting, and holistic career planning. With Tiwari’s extensive leadership experience spanning over two decades in both government and private sectors, LAMP is not just a program; it’s a transformative beacon illuminating the way for aspiring individuals, providing them with the tools, insights, and mentorship needed to accelerate their journey to success.

Common Problems

(faced by Young Professionals)

Embarking on a career journey is a thrilling yet challenging endeavor for young professionals. In the pursuit of success, they often encounter obstacles that require strategic navigation. Below are common problems faced by emerging professionals:

Common Mistakes

(Made by Young Professionals)

Embarking on a professional journey is a learning curve, and young professionals often encounter pitfalls that can hinder their growth. Recognizing and avoiding these common mistakes is crucial for a successful career trajectory. Here are some prevalent errors made by emerging professionals:

Empowering Growth: LAMP — Guiding Young Professionals to Career Excellence

LAMP, the Life Auditor’s Mentorship Programme, is a transformative initiative tailored specifically for young professionals. Designed by India’s First Life Auditor, CA Surendra Tiwari, LAMP serves as a strategic catalyst for emerging individuals navigating the challenges of early career phases. This program offers unique insights, guidance, and a structured approach to empower young professionals in unlocking their full potential, avoiding common pitfalls, and propelling their careers to unprecedented heights. Focused on self-discovery, goal-setting, and holistic career planning, LAMP stands as a beacon, providing the tools and mentorship needed for success in the dynamic professional landscape.

Offerings of LAMP Model:

A. Life Audit:

Establishing the Pillars of Growth

B. Mentorship:

Guiding Your Odyssey to Success

Designed Benefits to Young Professionals:

Participating in the Life Auditor’s Mentorship Programme [LAMP] yields tangible benefits for Young Professionals:

Know your Life Auditor & Mentor:

CA Surendra Tiwari [CA, PGDBM, FIII]. India’s First Life Auditor.

First GM Operations of Ayushman Bharat, National Health Authority, Govt of India.

In over 20 years of my career, I have the privilege of working in both government and private sectors at leadership level. LAMP is based on the real-life lessons I’ve learned, and it’s meant to guide young professionals to prepare for the next level of growth, so that they can avoid the mistakes I made and accelerate their growth.
Enroll in LAMP today and catalyze your quantum leap towards success. Seize this opportunity to invest in your personal and professional growth, guided by a seasoned mentor who understands the intricacies of both corporate and public sectors. Join LAMP, where aspirations meet expertise to turn them into reality.

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